Juvenile Restorative justice across the globe: Towards a better understanding of children needs

29/05/2018 de 14:00 à 15:30


Moderator: Annemieke Wolthuis, Vice chair European Forum for Restorative Justice and researcher, trainer & mediator,The Netherlands

Discussant: Tim Chapman, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK.

Introduction: Natalie Bernatska, First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine.

“Strengthening Justice Systems for Children by the Use of Restorative Practices.”

Hazel Thompson-Ahye, International Society of Family Law – Hugh Wooding Law School,  the Children’s Authority, Trinidad & Tobago

“Referral as an institute of restorative justice. The experience of the Judicial Branch of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.”

Carla Cavaliere, Criminal and Juvenile Criminal Law, Judge of 1st. Criminal, Contraventional and Misdemeanor Instance with Juvenile Criminal Jurisdiction of the Judiciary, Buenos Aires. Argentina

“Building Bridges: The Role of Lay Advocates in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Youth Justice System.”

Andrea Păroşanu, Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

“Restorative Justice Programme in the Amazon of Peace: networking and multidisciplinary action to reduce vulnerability and prevent juvenile delinquency in the Brazilian Amazon.”

Josineide Gadelha Pamplona Medeiros, Tribunal de Justicia del Estado de Pará, Brasil.

Nirson Medeiros da Silva Neto, Federal University of West Pará UFOPA, Coordinator of the Restorative Justice Clinic of the Amazon