South American Preparatory Meeting: Argentina – June 2019

Latin American Preparatory meeting for the next World Congress on Justice With children #JWC 

On June 6th and 7th 2019, The Latin American Preparatory meeting for the next World Congress on Justice With children: “Towards a friendly justice for children and adolescents in Latin America”, was held in the City of Buenos Aires – Argentina, at the University of Buenos Aires’s School of Law. 

Organised by the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFM), Terre des Hommes Foundation, Penal Reform International, and Defence for Children International, this preparatory event has been attended by more than 240 participants, mainly judges, prosecutors and law professionals from different Latin American countries. 

The opening address was delivered by the Argentinian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Dr. Germán Garavano, who is as well one of the co-chairs of the UN Task Force on Justice Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies. This Task force is promoting the initiative on Justice for Children in SDG16+, which aims to ensure that no child is left behind in achieving access to justice for all. 

After two days of intensive work, there were six key takeaways for the participants of the Latin American Preparatory Meeting in Buenos Aires: 

  1. Identifying concrete policies to bridge better protection and judicial systems.
  2. Developing detailed instruments to apply restorative approaches in operators’ everyday practice.
  3. Strengthening the primary use of non-custodial measures .
  4. Identifying validated practices of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention which integrate the potential of families and communities. 
  5. Modelling processes of validated practices for a better regional approach.
  6. Studying at Latin American level the challenges that the different migration crisis could bring to the justice systems. 

You can see the TV reportage as find the congress resume

For more information, please contact Cedric FOUSSARD in charge of the organization of the next World Congress and the Regional Pre-Congresses.