Preventing violent extremism : community based practices

29/05/2018 de 14:00 à 15:30


Moderator: Valerio de Divitiis Institute of Justice, Malta.

“The Mother Schools Model: Parenting for Peace.”

Edit Schlaffer, Women without Borders, Austria.

“Taking into account children’s needs and experiences of stigmatization – selected examples of preventative work from Germany.”

Dr. Götz-Nrodbruch, Co-Chair of the NGO, Germany.

Michaela Glaser, German Youth Institute, Halle/Saale, Senior Reesarcher, Germany

Susanne Johansson, Institute for Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Senior Researcher, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

André Taubert, Project Head and advisory service of LEGATO, Germany.

“The role of education in building inclusive and democratic societies through the democratic engagement and competences of children and young people: the Council of Europe approach.”

Katerina Toura, Council of Europe, Education Department, France.

“Use of the Family System Prevention Model to Prevent Violent Extremism in Local Communities in Tunisia.”

Halima Bali Mrad, Creative Associates International – ETTYSAL, Tunisia.