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Suhair Tobari

Jordan - English

Suhair Tobari has more than 20 years of thorough professional experience in legal and justice sector as a lawyer, judge, mediator, and trainer. In addition to being a judge, she has been invested in providing advisory and legal support services; drafting of law, providing legal analysis and advisory services in the field of policy, justice and legislative reform, and organizing judicial training workshops. She trained judges, prosecutors and other relevant actors on juvenile justice both in Jordan and Yemen.
Additionally, she managed and implemented national and international-donor funded projects in the justice sector and drafted strategies and policies for the improvement of Jordanian legal system on justice and human rights affairs. Judge Tobari has published in Juvenile Restorative Justice and Jordanian Juvenile law and attended
many specialized courses and workshop at regional and international level. After working as a judge in Amman juvenile court, first instance court, and first
instance criminal court, she is currently a judge in Amman Appeal Court. Judge Suhair Tobari is a distinguished Lecturer in juvenile justice, alternative measures (diversion)
and domestic violence and also a regional expert accredited to the International Organization for Penal Reform (PRI) in the area of criminal justice for juveniles and domestic violence.