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Farida Abbas Khalaf

Iraq - English

Farida Abbas Khalaf is one of more than 6500 Yazidi survivors of ISIS enslavement and genocide. She was born in Kocho,-Sinjar, Northern Iraq. She was a high school student when ISIS attacked her village, killing men and taking women and children hostages.
Farida lost her father and her older brother. She was taken then into captivity with her mother and her other brother. Her mother escaped after 9 months in captivity.
Farida was held in captivity for four months where was subjected to unimaginable suffering including physical and mental abuse.
Since her escape, Farida has been an effective part of Yazda global advocacy campaign to bring ISIS militants to justice, raise awareness and bring international attention to the Genocide. So far, Farida has spoken in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal , Lebanon and Belgium. Farida published her book, The Girls Who Beat ISIS, which has been published in more than 14 countries.
Farida is the winner of Polish Foreign Minister’s Pro Dignitate Humana Prize 2017, the 2017 Marsh Award for peacemaking and peacekeeping by Wilton Park, an executive agency of Foreign and Commonwealth Office-UK government. Farida has also received the LiberPress Award for 2017.
Farida has a documentary film, With words against the IS - a Yazidi raises the voice.
Farida has also spoken with numerous international media outlet including BBC, SWR, CBC, and others. Below are some of Farida`s speeches:
1- Fareeda Abbas Khalaf testimony in Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSotYqZz-lw&feature=youtu.be
2- Fareeda Khalaf Speech in Estoril Conferences-Portugal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K6VHMdjm9w&feature=youtu.be
3- Faeeda Abbas`s Speech at Wilton Park/UK https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=usUTzAXXnaA&t=11s
4- Farida Abbas received the LiberPress Catalunya Award 2017 https://www.yazda.org/farida-abbas-khalaf-behalf-yazidi-people-received-liberpress-catalunya-2017-prize/