Regional Forum for Asia-Pacific “Dimensions of Justice for Children in Asia Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities for Child Victims and Offenders”

29/05/2018 de 16:00 à 17:30


Moderator: Alice McGrath, Child Justice Expert, Switzerland.

Discussant: Nikhil Roy, independent expert on child justice, UK.

“Through the eyes of the child. Barriers to access to justice and remedies for child victims of sexual exploitation”

Jaap E. Doek, Former chair of the Committee of the Rights of the Child, ECPAT International, The Netherlands.

“Diversion not Prosecution: the Role of Public Participation in reducing the Juvenile Recidivism in the Thai Juvenile Justice System”

Kattiya Ratanadilok, Research and Development Institute, Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, Ministry of Justice, Thailand.

“Issues and challenges in implementing JJ standards in a changing environment for children and the role of the judiciary”

Justice Madan Lokur, Supreme Court, India.

Stuti Kacker, National Commission for the Protection of  Children’s Rights, Government of India.