Reducing offending at all stages: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches

29/05/2018 de 11:00 à 12:30


Moderator: Ignacio Mayoral Valentin, European University, Spain

Discussant: Paola Riva, International Institute for the Rights of the Child, Switzerland

“Challenge  after reintegration in a juvenile detention institution.

Daniela Mie Murata, Justice Court of São Paulo, Brazil.

“Beyond Family Court Advocacy: Empowering Youth and Establishing Community Connections for Youth Success.”

Aleksandra Chauhan, Richland County Public Defender’s Office, USA.

“A Whole System Approach to preventing and reducing offending and improving outcomes for children and young people age 12-18 in Scotland.”

Donna McEwan, Practice Development Advisor, Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice, University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Fiona Dyer, Deputy director at Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, UK and Scotland.

“Key competencies for judges at the heart of juvenile crime prevention” 

Sabine Michaud, International Bureau for Children’s Rights, Canada.