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Renate Winter

Austria - English

Justice Renate Winter is Chair of the committee of the Right of the Child. Justice Winter was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Special Court for Sierra Leone in 2002. She served as its Acting President from March to May 2004 and in May 2008, she was elected President. She is the current president of the RSCSL (Residual Court of Sierra Leone). In 1981, Judge Winter became a judge at the Vienna Youth Court, where she undertook projects to help rehabilitate youths with problems of drug addiction and mental disability. Justice Winter has also worked for the United Nations on projects related to youth and child soldiers, including in numerous African and Latin America countries , and has dealt with issues of organized crime and restorative justice. Justice Winter served as an international judge of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, as part of the United Nations interim civilian administration. Throughout the 1990s, Judge Winter chaired numerous international conferences on matters relating to juvenile justice and gender-related justice issues. She is the former President of the International Association of Youth and Family Court Judge and she is currently working with UNODC on terrorist matters concerning children.