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Cedric Foussard

France - English

Cedric Foussard is an expert on justice for children, working at an international level. For more than a decade he was director of The International Juvenile Justice Observatory, an international not-for-profit organisation that promotes a global approach to child rights, especially for children in conflict with the law. Here, Foussard led a multidisciplinary team, to develop research and advocacy strategies, as well as to propose policies and legislative instruments and to encourage the implementation of good practices. He has developed a strong juvenile justice network of more than 10 000 experts from all over the world, and regional think tanks in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. Foussard has organised, as well, numerous international events and trainings in collaboration with UN Agencies such as UNODC, UNICEF, OHCHR, and regional bodies like the European Commission, Council of Europe, Association of South East Asian Nations, etc. Foussard is currently the lead organiser of the World Congress on Justice for Children “Strengthening justice systems for children: Challenges, including disengagement from violent extremism”, which is an initiative of an international consortium of organisations focussed on children’s rights, and UNESCO through the Information for All Programme. He is member of the Youth Justice Journal Editorial Board for Youth Justice (Sage) and has contributed to several publications such as “Justice Juvenile: les Fondamentaux” (2016 IDE) and, “70 ans de justice des mineurs” (2015 ed. Eres). Foussard’s has co-authored researches on diversion mechanism, alternatives to detention, youth and violent extremism, restorative justice etc. and publications including “Can anyone hear me?” Participation of children in juvenile justice: A manual on how to make European juvenile justice systems child-friendly (2017 – IJJO) and Mental Health for young Offenders ( 2012- IJJO).